Young and Ambitious Life

Welcome to Young and Ambitious Life 1.0

Hello Tycoons,

We have been on the grind for weeks to bring to the Young and Ambitious Africans the first phase of Young and Ambitious Life, a re brand of a podcast show started by a group of University students to inspire and motivate their generation and beyond.

Today that dream has grown beyond being a Show, to be a new media publisher for young and ambitious people across the world starting from Africa.

We are proud to launch into a new phase of our dream, a phase where we have grown beyond being a show to being a lifestyle to help our people challenge the status quo and revolutionize the world.

We are Young and Ambitious Life and welcome to the Grindland.

Owusu Yaw Antwi

Operations Lead - Young and Ambitious Life

Media Junkie, Creative and an Entrepreneur who believes in Africa and it's resource. One day I will be on the cover of Forbes Magazine but before then you can read more about me and my adventures on my Linkedin Account (Owusu Yaw Antwi).